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church in daly city.d d kimberly joins us with more on this. >> reporter: these are the markings left behind by investigators who were here for hours today piecing together what led to that fatal accident. this parking lot at st. andrews church was busy this morning. mass was about to begin at 9:00 and catechism was getting underway. police say it hit a mother, her child and another woman. >> it's shocking to me. >> we don't know what happened. we just see someone is crying for help. >> crews rushed all three victim to san francisco general hospital where the 6-year-old girl died. the two women, one 45, the other, 46 years old, are still in the hospital. parishioners prayed for the families involved. >> we got the call at 8:58. police say they have been affected by what happened. >> it was very sad, not just for the people who were there who may have seen it but the officers who responded. when you see anybody hurt, especially a child. a lot of us are fathers and it does hurt. >> the driver was not injured and police say she is cooperating with their investigation. she has not been ci
stay with us here at nbc bay area news and our website for the latest on the storm and how it is impacting flights at our three local airports. >>> switching gears now. tonight they are sleeping and you cannot blame them. bochy said his team celebrated the world series championship into the wee hours of the morning and got in a plane and got home and when they arrived there was a hero's welcome at the ballpark. the real celebration is wednesday morning during the parade in downtown san francisco. it goes from the foot of market street near the ferry building all the way up market. gene is live in san francisco where giants fever is still raging. >> reporter: a lot of people have it. and the buses full of tired giants players are gone. the world series victory celebration continues and tonight giants fans are soaking up every joyous moment. hundreds of giants fans erupt in cheers when the team rolls into at&t park. >> i want to take pictures with all of them. >> reporter: the world series champion didn't disappoint. sandoval ran towards the crowd showing off the trophy. >> t
shoulder. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thank you for joining us. >> the giepts have won it all. >> the torture is officially over them giants swept the tigers tonight. >> when you have something like this happen to you, there's no words to describe what you feel. >> this is unbelievable. a dream come true. it can't get better than this. >> the orange and black are world series champions for the second time in three years. and the fans, they went wild filling the streets of san francisco. right now at 11:00, we have complete coverage of game four with live reports from the motor city to the city by the bay. and you are looking at live pictures from our nbc bay area helicopter over san francisco. the celebrations are far from over. what you can see here is, this is actually outside of at&t park at third and king streets in san francisco. as you can see, there are several small fires in the street. we have seen one or two cars tipped over, as well. few people getting out of control. for the most part, these celebrations are relatively peaceful tonight but as you can see the
i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >>> giants won. game seven tomorrow. >> they are going to win tomorrow, no problem. >> at love sleb slel celebrating and less torture tonight at at&t park. the giants live to see another day. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. they escaped elimination again. the giants are one game away from the world series. take a look at this. the tower is lit up in the giants orange tonight. the team beat st. louis. that means it is on to game seven tomorrow in san francisco for a winner take all situation. we have team coverage of the victory. jamie is inside of at&t park. but we begin with kimberly tere who's outside of the ballpark with a look at the big win. hello, kimberly. >> hello. this game really seemed to reenergize fans who admitted before it began they were a little bit nervous about it. in the end, they say, it was an easy win and of course they are hoping for a repeat tomorrow. >> go giants! >> i'm totally pumped. ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow's game will determine which team heads to the world series. much of the credit for toni
are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> call it seventh heaven. here we go again. just two years after winning it all the giants are world series bound. heavy rain in the st. louis cardinals no match for the san francisco giants. rain on the mound, champagne in the clubhouse for the national league champs. now headed to the world series again. first up, game one, this wednesday on home turf at at&t park. >> we have live team coverage tonig tonight. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is at the dugout store where giants gear is flying off of store shelves. good evening, kimberly. >> good evening. national league champions. the odds were against the giants winning three in a row but they did it and fans are thrilled. many did not want to leave chanting "let's take detroit." >> we were down! giants are a lot of heart, baby! it feels good. let i
for a pilot and his plane. an faa spokesperson tells us a single engine plane took off from half moon bay just before 6:00 this morning headed en route to tucson, arizona. the pilot hasn't called, hasn't made it. his wife reported him missing. the plane is registered to a man in florida. we're going to continue to update the story as information comes available. >>> new details tonight on an emergency closed door meeting over a $4,500 tab at a houston strip club submitted by the fourth maritime director. not just any strip club but a known haven for drugs and prostitutes. thousands of stelldollars paid your funds, public funds, to entertain executives. we have more on the ships scandal. >> they passed a resolution, outside counsel to conduct an independent outside investigation of the alleged improper expenditures. >> reporter: the investigation centers around this upscale gentlemen's club called treasures in houston, texas. maritime director james quan is under investigation for whining and dining about a dozen shipping executives at the strip club in 2008 and then turning in a bill for more
values. they belong to all of us. san francisco. we are not as divide as our politics would suggest. >> reporter: more than 6,000 people paid anywhere from $100 to $20,000 a piece to see the president. president obama laid out accomplishments like the affordable care act, the repeal of don't ask don't tell, tax cuts for the middle class and jobs creation. he also talked specifically about last week's debate saying mitt romney's facts don't hold up. >> a few nights ago, suddenly a guy pretending to be mitt romney stood on a stage next to me. and said he is his plan. he is just going to pretend it doesn't exist. what $5 trillion tax cut? i don't know anything about a $5 trillion tax cut. don't pay any attention to that tax cut behind the curtain. >> reporter: the crowd did boo at any mention of mitt romney and the president had some advice. he said don't boo, vote. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> more details of the president's money trail. mr. obama touched down at 1:40 this afternoon at sfo. since then he's raised nearly $4 million. that's a con
, playing his trombone. >> confetti everywhere. it's going to give us a big -- we're going to have a lot of energy. it will be the first time. the student understand what a grand scale this is. you're playing for a world championship baseball team twice in a row. it's quite an honor to represent the city and the school. >> reporter: about a million people are going to descend on market street to get a glimpse of the giants. but it's all about getting there early. >> traffic's going to be a nightmare. we have to get into town, make sure we're here and be ready for the parade tomorrow. >> we will be ready, too. our live coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. if you have to work, cow can watch it on our website. you can check out our victory page dedicated to the giants and their fans. we'll see you then. >>> the storm that was once hurricane sandy is crashing through pennsylvania. it will move into canada tomorrow. but tonight, new yorkers are picking up the pieces literally and figuratively. the storm killed at least 46 people on the east coast. right now, 6.6 million people remain without power i
with the latest for us. >> reporter: good evening. we spoke to the family of one of the missing boaters and they are hoping and praying he will turn up alive. it has been 12 hours since the boat capsized and the search is underway still tonight. family members shouted the names of the missing clinging to hope their loved ones would return safe. among them the wife of one of the men from san francisco. he shared her anguish. >> i want my husband to come back. we are waiting for you. >> tang who has a 7-year-old daughter left this morning from san francisco with three friends for a fishing trip. hours later, one mile off shore from the pichblgen point light house a large wave hit their 23-foot boat and it capsized. two of the men had life vests and swam to shore not far from where their boat ended up on the rocks. the other two, including tang, did not have life jackets and are still lost at sea. tang's sister says the four friends are all experienced boaters. >> he knows how to swim. >> the coast guard spent the evening searching an area of 40 square miles by helicopter and sea. the san
the deradon cal train station. george kiriyama joins us with more. >> reporter: passengers riding cal train tonight experienced up to a 45-minute delay because of this involve-involved shooting here on these tracks. buses were brought in to help shuttle these riders. take a look at this view from our chopper. it shows the aftermath. about 400 yards north of the train station, san jose police tell us a man managed to get on the track. investigators say he would not cooperate with deputies so the officers who chased him after this short foot chase, police say the man came at them with a metal spike. the deputy thought he was in danger and fired several rounds. the man was hit twice. >> at a certain point, if an officer believes his life or his health and safety is in danger or that of his fellow officers and the suspect is actively arming himself, the officer obviously felt threatened and did wh he had to do to protect himself. >> this man was taken to valley med with nonlife threatening injuries. it's unclear whether he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if he had a mental illnes
us. and i'm raj mathai. >> the a's may be the best team in baseball. >> they surprised a lot of people around the country and even here in the bay area. it has been a magical season and it could be a magical playoff. we start with henry wofford with the a's players. it is a special night. >> reporter: raj and jessica, there is not a dry shirt inside the oakland a's clubhouse. the beer is everywhere. the champagne is everywhere and guys are yelling at the top of their lungs. after their 4-3 win against the texas rangers, you're absolutely right. they're going back to the postseason for the first time since 2006. how do you celebrate? how about putting a pie in your manager's face? >> i can't even explain it right now. we got a lot of guys here in these uniforms. these guys that grew up here, jonny gomes, pretty amazing. one thing. i've won the world series in arizona and other playoffs. it is nothing like this. >> i don't think anybody outside of this team thought we would be where we are today. and we just, the critics came a long way down the road. to do it with the team we'
, scaring people that made it such an act of terror? or you can use the phrase both ways. >> another marquee moment revolve around taxmatics. >> concerning the various deductions, the mortgage deduction, the charitable deconduction. >> undecided voter asked about which deductions romney would offer up to which he offered the following response. >> i will not under any circumstances reduce the share that's being paid by the highest income taxpayers. and i will not under any circumstances increase tax of the middle class. >> but romney provided no details about which deductions would be slashed. and the plan will reduce taxes on higher income households and require higher taxes on other households making his claim given the inform vation provide false. >> this is an incident where he said better to lick them now than to actually tell people what deductions i intend to make because i will no doubt offend more people than friends i'll mange. >> another clash, romney attacked the president for a drop in federal oil production which is actually true. sales of oil fell by 14% between 2010 and 2011.
are speaking out. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from castro valley with the new details. >> reporter: i talked to one high school classmate and he says he's in shock. he's virtually numb. he can't believe that one of his friends possibly accused of this heinous crime. well in this case, police tell me tonight they have their two men. but in this case, even the most veteran police officer is telling me tonight they can't believe who is accused of this crime. it's homecoming night for castro valley high. an exciting time for teenagers. some of the teens attending tonight's game can't believe that two of their former classmates are behind bars and charged with killing 58-year-old barbara lachey of castro valley. >> absolute evil out there, and these two are evil to do something like this. >> reporter: investigators arrested 18-year-old cody nakosia and 16-year-old christian birdsaw. in the complaint, police say the two went to latchlay's home she shared with her boyfriend for the purpose of burglarizing the residence and stealing the firearms they knew were inside the home. >> the two fini
-0. they've got to beat us four times in a row. do i like our chances? of course. anything is possible so we won't sleep on them. >> reporter: how good has this pitching staff been over the last two game? this is the first time since 1919. they've had back to back shutout in addition world series. reporting from detroit, nbc bay area news. >> since it is possible the giants could win the world series in detroit tomorrow or monday, san francisco wants people to enjoy the game tomorrow night and possibly celebrate a win. so the city plans to host a viewing party at civic center plaza. mayor is he lee says the city will set up a jumbo tron so the fans can see it here like back in 2010. the hero of tonight's game was ryan vogelsong. tonight nbc bay area's lawrence scott talked with his biggest fans. >> all right. we are with ryan vogelsong's mom and dad. as parents, tell me about this. what this means. his biggest game in his life that keep getting bigger and bigger. now another win. >> the dream come true for him. a lot of hard work. and it's unbelievable. >> to see your son persevere like t
. we have team coverage for you tonight. steve handlesman shows us the best of the debates. some fans tried to juggle both of those events. >> we did a pretty good job with election day less than one month away. some a's fans made watching that debate a priority. tuning in to that spirited exchange while monitoring the score. a's fans cheered on the big game. fans could also tune in to the vice presidential debate. >> it's cool, i can't hear it, though. >> my eyes are going back and forth. so many tv's here. >> he plans to watch joe biden and paul ryan later. >> over at the white hills in oakland, the family is watching baseball and politics. >> we wanted to watch both the debate and the ball game, we love the a's, and it's so season to be in the postseason, the debate is also important. >> diego provided a's highlights he caught on the phone. >> i was on the phone while they were watching the debate. >> the baseball game turned out to be a disappointment, but the debate was full of action. >> this is spirited and focused, and i think it was a stronger debate from both people tonight.
is recommending that two officers be fired for using excessive force, and 42 others disciplined or suspended for their actions during "occupy oakland" protests. he was critically injured during a protest last october. he is suing the city of oakland. >> i went into this with a very skeptical mindset, and this is -- in some ways, proving that they are -- taking the right actions. >> the report says that rules were broken during the occupy protests on october 25th and november 2 last year, and on january 28 of this year. >> it never looks good, when the police don't follow the rules. we hold the public accountable to the laws, and therefore, the police department has to hold our own officers accountable to the r5ules here. >> the broken rules include acting inappropriately, using force, refusing to supply names. >> these officers never chose to go out and had to deal with occupy. it was indecision and lack of leadership that put us in that position, multiple times. >> you know, this went through their peers, went through a chief that is not an outsider, somebody who came up through the ranks o
,000 or more a year. by 3%. it would also raise the sales tax by a quarter percent. the money would be used to fund k-12 and higher education. public safety programs and the remainor hoping to balance the state budget. prop 38 backed by civil rights attorney molly must knower will last 12 years and increase personal income taxes on a sliding scale. the money would be almost exclusively used for k-12 education. >> if you peel back the rhetoric. if you strip away the arguments, they're not that much different. the only difference is that the initiative lasts for a shorter period of time and it does not raise the income taxes of everyone. whereas munger's will last for a longer period of time and will raise taxes on almost everyone in california. >>> as the election nears, the supporters have been clashing. each side claiming their way is better and in the process potentially confusing voters. >> it can be confusing. i urge voters to look at both. i am the superintendent of schools and i believe they're both going to be very valuable in restoring billions of dollars our schools need. if they b
evening, and thanks for joining us. >> the secrets are out after a heated battle, the boy scouts of america, released the so-called perversion files, documents detailing allegations involving scout masters and volunteers. and sexual abuse among boy scouts. the allegations date back to the '50s. stunning revelations found, and even the name is hard to say. perversion file. >> it really is. these right here, these are five files with information on former boy scout leaders who were expelled on suspicion of sexual abuse. from san francisco to oakland to san jose. there are a dozen or two more. at night we talked to the santa clara county boy scouts. the organization is apologizing to the victims. at the same time, they're reassuring the public they're doing what they can to prevent abuses from happening again. >> inside these boxes are the so-called perversion files, more than 1200 cases of known or suspected child abusers who at one time were in the boy scouts. files kept by the boy scouts for decades. but now made public by two attorneys in portland, oregon. >> the boy scouts knew
to be in the right place at the right time. the direction the meteor was traveling pretty much tells us that it was not an orion. didn't look like it was coming from the constellation orion. >> let's go to the weather center. >> we were able to see it so clearly. our phones were flooded in the newsroom. >> the reason we saw it so brightly is because it was probably cooked up to 3,000 degrees fahrenheit, traveling 140,000 plus miles an hour. whether you saw the bright flash of the meteor in the sky and what inenabled us to see the show clearly is the moon was less than 10% visible at a crescent phase and clear visibility of ten miles or better. widespread visibility of the meteor because of our warm hot weather that provided the clear skies today. we will see other meteors in the skies throughout the next few days from the orion meteor shower. the best viewing is thursday after midnight. expecting clear conditions. look southwest of the sky toward the constellation orion where we could see 50 to 70 meteors an hour. could we see one as large as what we had tonight? mother nature only know
in cuts to schools and colleges. prop 32 prevents unions from using dues for political purposes. brown said he values the quality of the education he got in san francisco public schools and wants to make sure that quality continues. >> we need in school, not just standardized tests that come out of some washington bureaucracy, but we also need arts programs, science programs, field trips, librarians, counsellors. >> critics of prop 30 say it doesn't guarantee any new funding for schools, that it could kill jobs and it is harmful to small businesses. the yes on prop 32 campaign argues that that proposition removes special interest money from politics. >>> if you dialed a south bay phone number today without the area code, you might not have expected to hear this. >> this call requires that you dial a 1 or zero and the area code, along with the seven digit telephone number. >> that's right. that's what you have to do starting today. anyone looking to make a call to the 408 area code now must dial the entire phone number. from people dialing from a land line, that men starting with 1 and
us. and then, there will be thousands. there will be no business as usual until there's justice for alan blueford. >> reporter: protesters demanding a police report about a shooting in may, taking over the city council meeting for the second time. city leaders closed gallery seating and limited the number of people allowed into the meeting. leaving a crowd of protesters in the hall, demanding access. wrestling with police when the gallery doors opened. back inside, alan blueford's mother, shouted for answers when her microphone was turned off. >> it's not right. >> reporter: hoping to conduct city business, council urged the family to work with city leaders. >> don't just come and yell. that doesn't change anything. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >> reporter: after nearly two hours, councilman larry reed handed the family his copy of the police report. a thick document oakland police released today. blueford's mother says it's a shame it took five months to get the answers she needs. >> we want answers. and i feel as his mother, that's my right. >>
and headaches as well. good evening, thank you for joining us. >>> it is going to be wild from marina green to golden gate park and almost every point in the city in between. want to show you a live picture of san francisco right now, more than a million people expected to be in the city for a weekend of blockbuster fun. racing, baseball, football, street fairs and acrobatics. do you like it? san francisco has it if you can get there. we have live team coverage for you on the traffic concerns, with cheryl herd. >> reporter: well, jessica, i can guarantee you these traffic meters won't be available to you in san francisco this weekend. and signs like these are up, there will be delays. check it out. you have been warned. there is a warning out to those who dare to venture onto bay area roads this weekend. parking will be tight and traffic will be a mess. and tonight, people were already trying to avoid it. >> we came from vallejo on the ferry, and now, you know, the last ferry we missed and so we're waiting for the bus. >> reporter: metered parking? forget about it. this weekend, public tran
can win at home in front of our fans. it's important for us. we didn't do it last year and it worked out okay. i think the id is the same. we will go in tomorrow looking to win. >> we played well on the road all year. it is what it is. last year we had an unbelievable home record. this year isn't as great and played better on the road. for me, i think -- i can't explain it. i think it is just baseball to be honest with you. >>. >> reporter: the giants bull pen continues to be a bright spot in the postseason. in fact, sunday night collectively they logged five and a third scoreless and hitness innings. that ties an all-time postseason record and sets a new nlcs report. amy gutierrez for nbc bay area news. back to you. >> thank you, amy. >>> nbc bay area's monty francis is just outside of at&t park with reaction from fans who are of course disappointed. hello, monty. >> good evening. that's right. fans left the park disappointed for sure. this is the first game in the nlcs. many fans are still hoping for a repeat of two years ago when the team went all the way and won the world series.
. live that it was confirmed by a stikt. it is clear to us that the system was bypassed spengs. tg and e's and before the august 20 start of school. it in either parents that have a life-right continue corresponding. has filed on other than. when it comes to the peanut serlgz and e. the state does not help in peanut allergies. >>> change in the polls show mitt romney ahead nationally. two other polls resnooef. meanwhile, president obama released some stand-up comedy again debate. you ji, i don't know anything about. you probably got rahmanion. sherz the good gus. she told reporters that. well ish. the with the will me. . . they ruled the mayor violated state law when his political action committee donated $100,000 to the reuse herera team to pay the gok in trun. the mayor tatsz tenlts up to 20 to could have applies to candidates or dand indicate control, rir you'll the facts, and i think once they have the fact they'll have a different ru. >> for leaning it out toward. but. and now there's no vet the poern society its -- that could change the fertility issue for many women. monat the fra
, happy for us. >> reporter: now, the action and the international spotlight will shine on the motor city. we'll be there tomorrow. >> thank you, lawrence. >>> get ready for cold weather. gloves and long johns for the journalists and the players. game three is saturday night in chilly detroit. this is comerica park. >>> also ahead, we'll tell you about the link between one of the giants' star players and the marine who threw out tonight's ceremonial first pitch. >>> developing news right now. alameda sheriffs tells us they've arrested someone for killing barbara latchly. firefighters found her body. investigators believe someone beat her and set the house on fire. sheriff's investigators will not elaborate on who was arrested tonight or the relationship to the woman. they are expected to brief the media tomorrow morning. >>> off the streets. but how many women did he cross paths with. san jose police say they are nabbed himself a rapist. but is he a serial rapist. his m.o. is always the same. offer a ride to a woman in need. and then attack. george kiriyama has more on the arrest and the
white? and when will it be safe to go back in the water? george kiriyama joins us. >> reporter: shark attacks do not happen often. and people dying from shark attacks is even more rare. what happened is sad. >> it's unfortunate it happened. and we just hope that the family's doing okay. >> reporter: off the coast of surf beach, 39-year-old francisco delorio was surfing. that's when the sheriff's office says a shark attacked and kill him. >> reporter: the great white shark expert at the california academy of scientists, he's written a book about the great white. >> it's very sad. and it's very uncommon. we've had 13 fatalities that we're aware of. >> reporter: 13 deaths out of approximately 109 reported attacks since 1950. today's deadly attack comes almost two years to the day another surfer was killed in the water at the same beach. >> it's remarkable, considering the myriad of hours we spent in the water. and there have only been five or ten. >> reporter: investigators have been looking at bite marks to identify the type of shark. the only species involved in shark attacks on the ca
drew hundreds of the castro sdplit is wonderful. so many much going on in the city we can always use the money for the city coffers. >> reporter: in addition to fleet week, the america's cup brought thousands to the waterfront. while most visitors heeded warnings about leaving their cars at home, some did not and were surprised by the lack of gridlock. it. >> was absolutely easy. i drove right to her house and found parking right away. >> the northbound section of the embarcadero was reserved for bikers and they took advantage of the road. >> i wish more people would have walking or riding a bike. there are still tons of cars and it surprises me people would be in a car. >> i don't want to leaf out the italian heritage parade or the 49ers game. to top it off a cruise ship docked in the city. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> very busy. thank you. >>> bart shattered records in terms of ridership. it carried 320,000 riders, up 14% from the previous record for saturday. that record was set in september of 2007 when the bay bridge was closed and there was three
to stop until they tell us we have to. >> reporter: a lot to celebrate when it comes to bay area baseball. the giants keep their season alive. still to come on nbc bay area news we will take you to cincinnati where the giants keep their season alive and a's fans will be happy to show back up at the coliseum. reporting live in oakland i'm kate longworth. >> tomorrow going to need a rain jacket so you don't get the g e gator aid on you. >> it is do or die. the giants and the a's go into tomorrow's game in need of a win or they are out. we will have live reports and from oakland, as well. >>> a's fans do not seem to mind getting wet tonight. rain fell on the oakland coliseum but nothing compared to this. call it an october surprise, not political but meteor logical. >> we have live team coverage. we have a look at the rare and unusual storm that slammed the south bay and the incredible video of what happened. >> reporter: we have had crazy weather here. we have seen just about everything from sunshine to rain to hail. the neighbors, they are loving it. dominic helps his neighbors by sweepin
the department's handling of officer involved shootings. >> we're saying you should. use force when it's not reasonable to do so or stopping people on the damn street because they're black when they haven't done anything else. >> oakland's police chief says the department is making progress on implements the forms, but the mayor will fight to keep the department under the chief's control. >> this was the ceremony for the archbishop at st. mary's cathedral. he was previously the bishop in oakland. 2,000 people were onhand, including officials from the vatican. out side the church, supporters were joined by gay rights activists protesting his outspoken stance against same-sex marriage. >> it's bad they're going to put him here in san francisco, where so many gay families live. my family is no different than any other family. the fact that i am gay means nothing. >> most of the arch diocese of 500,000 people, about 65% of them, are ethnic working class people. their big issue is not gay marriage. >> the installation comes three days after he pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a san die
and political expedience of removing an official for a crime that most of us find unacceptable is very tempting to me, that is precisely the danger of removing an elected official for official misconduct for actions before that person are officially in office. it is a dangerous precedent to set. >> reporter: ross murkarimi supporters turned out by the hundreds for this hearing. the suspended sheriff and his wife sat attentively for hours tonight. murkarimi's wife eliana lopez cried as she listened to members of the board announce that they would vote no when she realized murkarimi can keep his job. mayor ed lee needed nine votes to remove the sheriff from office, and tonight it became clear before a final vote count even took place he did not visit. by a vote of 7-4, the board of supervisors does not sustain official misconduct charges, and sheriff ross murkarimi can be reinstated. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >>> i can't talk. i'm going to start crying. it's unbelievable. >> the other big story tonight, the giants and a's are both still alive. the teams came u
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